Our 'online/express' Consultancy Service

Our online consultancy is aimed at those organisations that require urgent or quick advice with no long term committments. The issues we dea with range from subject access request advice (SAR), potential data breach planning, or the signing of data processing agreements.

Whatever it may be, we can provide immediate hands-on advice, and help you devise a plan of action. You could even use this service as an ad-hoc Data Protection Officer (DPO) service. In fact, one of our clients has likened the service to"having a DPO at the end of an email!"

Our online consultancy support service can help with:

  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA’s);

  • Data Processing Agreements and Data Sharing Agreements;

  • Data protection breach advice/plan;

  • Data subject access request issues (SAR's);

  • Surveillance issues (CCTV);

  • Cyber-security issues;

  • Freedom of Information Act requests (FOIA); and

  • Any other legal compliance/regulatory advice not referred too above.


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