Subject Access Request Toolkit (SAR)

Subject Access Request Toolkit (SAR)


The GDPR has enhanced data subjects rights while giving companies less time to respond.  Data subjects no longer have to pay a fee to access their personal data, so the chances are these requests are going to increase, with companies having less time to respond to requests and facing a considerable fine or other enforcement action from the ICO.

SAR's or DSAR's as they are often referred to under GDPR, are time-consuming, and our SAR Toolkit/DSAR Toolkit allows you to have in place a policy and procedure for staff to follow through the difficult subject access process.

Our Toolkit includes:

  • SAR Policy
  • SAR guidance document
  • Template letters to send to data subjects requesting such things as identification and further information to narrow the request, as well as seeking an extension of time to respond or refusing a request
  • Data mapping flowchart
  • Data processing register
  • Exemptions guidance document (you may not have to comply with aspects of a SAR if an exemption applies)

Finally, we know that sometimes you may need to talk to someone about this daunting process.   So, in addition to the aforementioned documents, you can also avail of a free initial consultation with a data protection practitioner, who will offer advice on your specific case and ensure you are on the right track.


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